Incredible Health and Strength in Your Kitchen – Jeera[Cumin]

health and strength of kitchen cumin jeera.

The incredible spice ingredient that won’t leave any chance to fit in your spice box is Jeera/Cumin. Ever imagined your kitchen without Jeera? Not grounded one… At least the whole??  

Nothing can beat when Jeera is been tempered along with ghee for daal tadka. Ahaaaa that aroma just gives the new life to that plain daal. 

Jeera is a single-seeded fruit which produces pink or white colored flowers. These are elliptical shaped brown colored seeds holding the enormous features. It has a warm, earthy flavor along with a tangy, musky scent. These cumins grows in tropical and subtropical climates where regions are distinguished by long, sizzling summer.

India is the largest manufacturer of jeera (i.e 70% of worlds produced jeera) and India is not behind even in the largest consumers list. Nearly, 90% of the produced cumin is consumed by the Indians too. 

This is the second most popular spice in the world right after black peppercorns and chillies. Jeera is cultivated along the Meditarenian region through the Middle East, China and India.

Jeera’s are available in both whole seeds and ground form. The whole seeds are dried and preserved. The ground versions are prepared by dry roasting the jeera seeds in a grinder and letting it to form powdered.


The incredible health and strength of your kitchen – Jeera(Cumin) is the seeds of Cuminum Cyminum plant. This is a member of the parsley family. The native of cumin is Nile Vally in Egypt. 

The cultivation of Jeera was started in early 2000 years B.C. Jeera was highly honoured by both ancient Greeks and Romans as a seasoning in their cooking. In early times, Egyptians used this spice for mummification.

Cumin was believed as a symbol of love and fidelity. During the Medieval period, it was believed that a numerous amount of Jeera will be enough to stop lovers and chicken to run away. Carrying a handful of jeera in the pocket on the auspicious day of newlyweds on their wedding ceremony will bring a happy married life.

Now that we pay taxes by giving the wholesome amount of cash. In older times, spices were the medium as currency to pay taxes and debts…. Can you believe it?… This small elliptical shaped seed was one among them because of its high value.

The Incredible Strength of Your Kitchen – Jeera[Cumin]

Jeera comes in the top list of spices that every Indian will have in their kitchen. Along with its obliged shape, Jeera has the strong, warm, earthy aroma that produces a different heat to the dish. 

This acts as the key component in curry and chilli powder. It is also the substitute for coriander because of its similar flavor.

The jeera seeds are used in seasoning many dishes to get the strong earthy aroma to the dish. These whole cumin seeds can be used as a tempering(tadka) and roasted and ground cumin can be added in the cooking process. Cumin added some earthy flavour to curries, daal, etc.

This plays an important role in seasoning soups, stews, rice and many other dishes giving the distinct smacking aroma. Jeera in whole and also ground form plays an important role in fixing their position in spice box as it is hotter in taste and lighter in color.

You might have heard of Jeera rice. In this rice, the whole jeera seed is tempered in ghee and mixed with rice. The rice itself is the bundle of zest. In the southern part of India, jeera is been used as whole or roast and ground to prepare jeera drink. This is one kind of beverage consumed in the summertime.

Not only as a spice for savoury hot dishes but also Jeera plays an important role in flavoring loaves of bread and cheeses. Jeera/cumin are found in some traditional bread from France and a type of Dutch cheese called Leyden cheese.

The Heath of Your Kitchen – Jeera[Cumin]

As we tell health is wealth, jeera has a beneficial effect on human health. It plays an important role as a digestive aid and as an antiseptic. Intake of jeera helps in treating and preventing ulcers.

Jeera has the great ability to reduce nausea during pregnancies and believed in increasing the breastmilk in breastfeeding mothers.

When it comes to health, it has some more beneficial effects like boosting immune systems, as an anti-tumour i.e, preventing the growth of tumour in the early stage and anti-bacterial property.

In general, it has the capability of treating poor appetite, diarrhoea, vomiting, helps in healthy heart functioning and is a great source of iron. 

In addition, cumin also increases the activity of digestive enzymes which will potentially speed up digestion.

The Takeaway

Jeera/Cumin is a flowering plant that belongs to the carrot family. It is grown in the Middle East, the Mediterranean region covering India too. It’s been believed in ancient times that cumin/jeera brings good luck and prosperity on carrying it along. It plays an important role in preventing and reducing many health-related issues. Overall, we can say that jeera/cumin takes its position as one among the important ingredient in the spice box.


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